How to Pay in Other Currencies

Due to significant demand of our products from customers from India and elsewhere, here is the guideline on how to use PayPal to buy products from Goangirl, LLC, if you cannot pay in US Dollars. 

Unless you are paying in USD, we can access PayPal payments from anywhere in the world where PayPal is available. This is true for people who wants to pay in INR as well. 

PayPal is available in India selling in Indian Rupees (INR) or United States Dollars (USD). You can now use PayPal as an option during the payment step in the checkout process in India.

The PayPal Express Checkout is only available during the payment method step during the checkout process. During the checkout process, the PayPal integration supports purchases made in Indian Rupees (INR) or United States Dollars (USD).

How to open a PayPal account -

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