Essential Hygiene During COVID Pandemic

We are passing through a global calamity of epic proportions with this virus potentially infecting population in 150+ countries. While we see online sales increase and this may be the new norm going forward since fewer people will crowd shopping malls and stores, our customers need to be safe and take precautions for all incoming packages and mails as any one would do for any online shopping during this period.

While we take care in making sure that packages have contact less deliveries and they are disinfected as they are delivered across globe, we cannot guarantee every bit of it due to logistics beyond our control. Hence, our customers receiving packages from any online shopping company including Goalgirl, LLC, need to do due diligence in hygiene and sanitizing packages they receive to the degree they deem safe. We expect and recommend all our customers to be safe with PPE and social distancing measures including handling of any merchandise.

For expert advice on how to take the measures for hygiene and safety, we recommend customers should contact their healthcare providers or experts should they have questions. 

Here is a link to publicly available YouTube video.