• Link to Paypal Worldwide
      • International shoppers (from outside USA) who cannot use USD and would like to do transactions in currencies other than US Dollars, are encouraged to use PayPal as it will protect both customers and Goangirl LLC from fraudulent transactions that might result in financial harm to either or both parties
      • This is not an issue for US domestic customers buying with USD. All your transactions are encrypted end-to-end and goes through secure payment gateways.  Also, we have stringent checks to minimize any issue. 
    • Link to Coronavirus epidemic - WHO information site 
      • First we expect and pray our customers traveling stay safe.
      • There may be some shipment delays beyond our control due to this epidemic. Policies as declared in "Policies" section still stays the same for our customers for refund and satisfaction guarantee. 
      • USA based shipments are expected not to be delayed due this factor. 

    Any question or concern, please write to