About Us

We are a Houston, Texas based online retail company aimed at bringing very unique, attractive, trendy and fashionable products at a very affordable price. Our product selections are done by fashion experts to suit the taste for the hot and happening women who want to make a difference yet attractive and elegant impressions. We get products for you into our store from all over the world and we hope you will like them, share them and refer them to your family and friends. 

We follow some simple transparent guidelines to build our product lines for our customers. Key ones are -

  • We try to bring to our customers high quality products as most of the customer feedback (review ratings) would suggest. 
  • Price wise, for our customers we try to stay very competitive.
  • Keywords to our product selections are "trendy", "quality" and "affordable". 
  • We will never mislead on a product page and description about what it is. We strictly follow what the supplier/manufacturer prescribes. We encourage customers to reach out to us, if and when an anomaly is found.
  • We will never sell any knockoff of any luxury or famous brands to dupe customers. We want to be genuine in order to sustain our business and goodwill.
  • Products sold to US locations is guaranteed by return and refund warranties that are better than most retailers in the nation. 
  • Our intention is not to compete with sell-all retail giants like Amazon or Walmart or with the high end fashion retailers like Louis Vuitton or Gucci. Our target market is niche and is for the folks who love to look beautiful, trendy and yet want affordable bargains.
  • We encourage our customers to write to us at customer_service@goangirl.com with any question on any product. 

At this point we only sell and ship products to continental United States & Canada. We do ship products outside USA (and Canada) only rarely when the transaction can happen in USD. We have plans to expand to other countries in due course. 

Our products are shipped from within USA and abroad (China, Turkey, UK, etc.).  We try to get to you the product from the manufacturer/ supplier who can provide the minimum total cost since, we are a cost focused company. For most purchases, we ship free of cost to the customer. Products shipped from domestic warehouses may arrive sooner but, there could be price differentials. Hence, we work for you to give you the best prices for the items from the most cost effective shipment location. 

Along with our aim to bring our customers most trendy products, it is also our aim to provide these products at a bargain price. Hence, we look into international markets and manufacturers. That is why our international shipment products take a longer time that domestic shipment. So, we encourage our customers to order products at least 2-3 weeks in advance. (Please read shipping policy). 

Please, feel free to communicate at customer_service@goangirl.com with your suggestions and ideas. We believe that that our customers should be part of our journey as one big family. 


Goangirl Team